Move files at scheduled time intervals between computer and USB drive.

USBsyncer file move feature that move files automatically without having to initiate the transfer manually. If you find that you're moving, copying, or deleting the same files over and over, you can use USBsyncer to make a simple works that does it for you.


USBsyncer will monitor specific folders in the operating system and move files matching patterns from those folders into others on the computer or USB drive.


USBsyncer is very easy to use and works really well. Go through the wizard, simple choose your Source folder, Destination folder, or use filter to specify names and extensions that should be excluded moved automatically from monitored folders to others. Also pick an option of schedule, choose whether you want to move the files,



Main features:


Unlimited transfer sources:
Source may be Local/LAN and USB storage;

File filters;
File purging;
File transfer scheduling;
Run as USB drive inserted;
Logging of activates;


Here are a couple of situations you might want to use it:


1. This can be handy in situations where files usually land in an upload directory with limited space or to automatically transfer files from a computer to another computer without network connection.


2. P2P users might also like the idea of moving finished downloads from the download computer to another computer, for example: download a move to works computer and then transfer it to USB drive and carry it to home computer.